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Medical device shows promise in treating stroke

A new medical device looks promising for treating stroke patients by removing blood clots, according to a Fox News report.

The report describes the device, called a “Solitaire Flow Restoration Device,” as an expanding, cylindrical metal cage inserted through a small tube into a blood clot.

Dr. Jeffrey Katz, chief of vascular neurology and director of the Stroke Center at North Shore University Hospital, said the device is used to treat the type of stroke that occurs when a clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain.

The report quotes Katz as saying: “You leave the stent retriever up for five minutes allowing the clot to grow into the stent, and then you pull it out. In those five minutes, there is blood flow going to the brain tissue that wasn’t before.”

According to the Internet Stroke Center, stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Nationally, more than 140,000 people die each year from stroke.

The Mayo Clinic lists a number of risk factors for the blood clots that can cause a stroke. They include long periods of immobility, family history of blood clots, pregnancy and use of birth control pills.

While most birth control pills can increase the risk of blood clots, a number of studies indicate that pills containing the synthetic hormone drospirenone can increase blood clot risk up to three times more than other oral contraceptives on the market. Pills with drospirenone include Yasmin, Yaz, Beyaz and Ocella.

Patients should consult their doctors before making any changes in their medication. A consultation with a Beyaz lawyer is also important if there are significant injuries.

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