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2012 Yaz settlement?

With the recent Yaz settlement news, people are starting to wonder whether there will be a Yaz settlement in 2012. In early January two judges involved in the litigation put trial deadlines on hold and ordered mediation. The both sides were ordered to attempt to negotiation a Yaz settlement in good faith.

To date, there has been no additional public information released regarding a Yaz settlement in 2012, but no news is probably good news. If settlement talks break down, then the judges can be expected to issue orders scheduling cases for trial.

Lopez McHugh represents a number of women who were injured by Yaz, and is working diligently both to recover compensation for them and to bring details of Yaz and Yasmin to light. For example, we previously reported that although an FDA advisory panel narrowly voted to keep Yaz and Yasmin on the market, several of the expert advisers had financial ties to Bayer, the manufacturer. When counting the votes of the experts who were independent of Bayer, it appears that a majority thought the risks of Yaz outweighed the benefits.

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