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Anthrax Victim’s Family to Receive $2.5 Million Settlement from Government

The Associated Press reported today that the United States government has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle a case brought by the family of Robert Stevens, who died after being exposed to anthrax in 2001. Stevens was one of four people who died during the attacks. Seventeen other people were exposed to anthrax and became sick. According to ABC news, many still have lingering health problems attributed to the anthrax. Several other lawsuits were filed, but most have been dismissed.

According to the Associated Press, an FBI investigation concluded that a government scientist, Dr. Bruce Ivins, acted alone, but that conclusion was questioned by some of his colleagues, who doubted he could have created the weapons-grade anthrax that was used. Prior to the FBI report implicating Dr. Ivins, another scientist, Steven Hatfill, was investigated. After his name was cleared, he successfully sued the government for invasion of privacy and received a $5.8 million settlement.