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Bloomberg reports over 10,000 women have sued Bayer for Yaz blood clots and other injuries

Yaz blood clot risk main concern

Bloomberg news published an extensive article today, discussing internal emails from Bayer that it obtained. Bloomberg reports that over 10,000 women have sued Bayer claiming they were injured by Yaz or Yasmin and not warned of increased risks associated with those drugs. Bloomberg further reported that internal emails show that Bayer marketed Yaz and Yasmin for uses not approved by the FDA. This type of marketing would be in violation of FDA regulations.

Several studies show that Yaz and Yasmin increase the risk of blood clots. Meanwhile Bayer has funded studies showing no increased risk. The FDA is currently investigating and will hold a hearing on December 8, 2011. Yaz blood clots may be 75% to two times as likely as other birth control pills.