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What is Involved in a Testosterone Lawsuit?

If you or someone you love has suffered a heart attack or stroke due to testosterone therapy, you may be entitled to substantial compensation by filing a testosterone lawsuit. Many people may be hesitant to file a lawsuit because they are not certain what such a case entails. Fortunately, an experienced products liability attorney can help walk you through every potential step of your lawsuit.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Allegations

In recent years, drug manufacturers have been recommending that men experiencing common symptoms of aging use testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy may include a variety of products, including pills, patches, topical gels, injections, and more. Though such products may help eliminate the symptoms of low testosterone (or Low-T), recent medical research has linked testosterone therapy drugs with a higher incidence of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes in patients. The FDA is currently investigating the adverse side effects of these testosterone medications.

Men who have suffered cardiovascular injuries have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of testosterone therapy products including Androgel and Testim, alleging that the low-t medications caused their injuries. Additionally, many plaintiffs allege that the pharmaceutical companies engaged in deceptive marketing techniques. Several testosterone therapy lawsuits claim the companies marketed these drugs to men who had normal testosterone levels and who were simply experiencing symptoms related to typical aging.

What Will My Testosterone Therapy lawsuit Involve?

No two plaintiffs are exactly alike, therefore no two testosterone therapy lawsuits will be exactly alike. An experienced testosterone attorney will begin by gathering as much information as possible regarding your particular case. First, your attorney will discuss your potential testosterone lawsuit with you to decide whether you have a viable claim on the surface. If so, your attorney will usually request and review your medical records or any other pertinent documents related to your use of testosterone therapy and the injuries that occurred. As the case progresses, your lawyer may question representatives from the pharmaceutical manufacturer or any other defendants to determine how much information they had regarding potential injuries and risks of the medication.

These are only some of the steps your attorney will take to investigate a testosterone therapy lawsuit. Because each case will be different, a lawyer can advise you of what to expect in your particular situation. If you have suffered a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular injury and you were using testosterone therapy at the time, you should contact a testosterone attorney immediately to see if you have a possible case. Call the office of Lopez McHugh, LLP at (877) 737-8525 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced products liability lawyer today.